Rua da Consolação 3212 - Jardins • Tel  55 11 3064-0970


                    is a restaurant, bakery and bar located in the Jardins neighborhood in Sao Paulo / SP. We serve the trivial made with fine quality products, the delicious food of the day that we no longer have at home. Well seasoned beef stew, artisanal draft beer Do Tavares, fresh pasta and own bakery.

The menu is designed to meet different daily needs, so the house is open all day. We have a product kitchen with organic items and a concern for healthiness. To drink, besides the draft beer Do Tavares - exclusive recipe, the house has drinks, a wine list signed by sommelière Gabriela Bigarelli and Brazilian craft beers list signed by sommelière Carolina Oda.






Monday / 8am - 5pm
Tuesday and Wednesday / 8am  - 11pm
Thursday and Friday / 8am - 12pm
Saturday / 10am - 12pm
Sunday / 10am - 5pm



Tavares’ bakery uses slow natural fermentation, which means that the base of our recipe is just flour, water, salt and levain (the natural yeast we produce right here). We use the Bagatelle Flour certified Label Rouge (official seal of the French Ministry of Agriculture). Our production is daily and totally handmade. 100% whole grain rye, french bread, traditional baguette, croissant, pain au chocolat and pastries are some of the items you will always find in our shop window in addition to the new recipes we are always trying out.



Bread no fear 'Pão sem medo'

Workshops for all people who want to learn how to make slow natural fermentation breads at home. No knowledge of kitchen / bakery or even professional equipment is required. Small classes, 6 hours of classes divided in two days (overnight the natural fermentation happens!).


Escola Tavares

Instituto Fermento 

Charitable school of artisan bakery. We train new professionals from the techniques we practice at Tavares. Students are pre-selected and receive support to participate in the classes that include baking theory, technique and practice as well as notions of management and self-knowledge.




Space reserved for ‘Do Tavares’ products.
The ones you consume with us and want to take home. Freshly ground organic coffee, honey, milk, grains, fresh organic vegetables and novelties that are used or produced in our kitchen.